Children centre services and local youth groups

Our children’s centres

Our children's centres provide free activities for the whole family. Everything we offer is aimed at giving your family the chance to have fun together, develop skills for school, work and life.

We are open Monday to Friday for regular activities you can find more about each centre below.

Joining children’s centres

Your health visitor can give you a membership form or you can pick one up from your local centre. Complete the form and hand it back in.

As a member, you can use any of the children’s centres in North Tyneside.

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What’s on at our centres

See the links below for details:

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Bringing your child up

North Tyneside Council has purchased a multi-user licence for three FREE online courses for all our families and parents-to-be to help with understanding the best ways to care for their children. These courses are relevant to parents of all children, including those with special needs, autism, ADHD etc.    We want to ensure that all our families have ease of access to them.

The courses are written by Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) professionals with other health and education workers. They are evidence based and accredited by the Department for Education and can be accessed via the website: . To access the following courses,

  • Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby
  • Understanding your baby
  • Understanding your child

Go to , apply the access code when prompted : QUADRANT , fill in some details to create an account. To return to the courses go to and sign in. For technical support contact or 0121 296 4448 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm.

The courses are based on the Solihull Approach which aims to improve emotional health and wellbeing by supporting relationships in families.  Research shows that these courses help reduce conflict in families and increase closeness.  Families tell us these courses help with managing children’s strong feelings, family communication, understanding each other and behaviour.

Being a parent or guardian is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs.  Providing the care, love, security and support your child needs to develop as a happy, healthy and confident individual is really important.

Most parents and guardians raise families with the support of universal services and do not require additional services. But there are some families who need additional support and others who need intense targeted support for a while.

In addition to the online courses described above, we provide a range of face to face parenting courses including:

  • The Parent Factor in ADHD
  • Solihull approach to parenting


Parenting Course Information

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Harbour referral form

Freedom and Pattern Changing Programmes for survivors of domestic violence.

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Ofsted Reports

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