Animal health and welfare

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We enforce animal health and welfare legislation. We do this by inspecting all farms and other livestock premises to check the health and welfare of animals kept there.

Our work includes:

  • inspecting feed, fertilisers and animal movement records
  • supervision (when necessary) of cleaning and disinfection of livestock premises, vehicles and equipment
  • ensuring the proper disposal of certain animal carcasses
  • advice and assistance to farm businesses and other keepers of animals

Visit our licensing pages for pet shop, animal boarding, riding establishment and zoo licences.

Moving sheep and goats

Any movements must be accompanied by an AML1 form. This form serves as a single movement reporting document, so each stage of a multiple move must be completed on a separate form. When the journey is complete, you must send the white copy to the relevant local authority at your destination within three days of arrival.

Visit the Animal Reporting and Movement Service.

Moving pigs

Apply for a licence for pig movements.

When you complete the journey you must inform the relevant local authority at your destination within three days of arrival.

Moving cattle

Cattle passports are issued shortly after birth by the British Cattle Movement Service.

Cattle have individual passports which should always accompany them when they move.

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