Disclosure log


The disclosure log displays replies to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Information Regulations.

Recently published disclosures

Businesses who have received ARG grants
Total value of section 106 agreements
Costs of Council provided tips and bin collections
Registered Tattoo Parlours
Fleet vehicles
Looked after children missing
Costs incurred by the Council for car and chauffeur serves for the leader of the Council, Council Cabinet and the Chief Executive
Use of algorithms, predictive tools and AI by your council in relation to housing.
Littering fines and prosecutions
Number of young carers
Road verges and budget
Record of historic building repairs conducted between 2016 to 2020 and the expenditure of such
Data security spending & training on behalf of Redscan
How much Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) government funding has North Tyneside Council received in total?
Test and Trace Support Payments that have been paid to individuals
Fees for independent sector care homes
Public health funerals
Apprenticeships, mentoring days and work placements
Charities applying for grants
2020 Cremations
Community Protection Notices (CPNs) and Community Protection Warnings (CPWs) issued
Applications for Test and Trace Support Payment
Waiting lists for allotments
Looked after children accomodation
Complaint of alleged workplace covid-19 violations between 23/3/2020 to 20/1/2021
Looked after children with disabilities
restrictive interventions in schools and behaviour management
Trade union deductions
Bullying and racism in schools
On Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme
Local area network contract
A breakdown per year and per month of the number of deliberate school fires where the cause was listed as arson.
Current Lines/Voice Services Fixed line
Council's insurance arrangement
Residents that have passed away in publicly funded care homes
Schools with Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP)
Liabilty claims / complaints
Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG)
Travel costs
Cost of maintenance of green spaces
Parking Charge Notices
Invoicing system
Electric car charging points
new or refurbished buildings that have been certificated under BREEAM between 2009 and 2020
removal / felling of trees
School vacancies and in-year admissions information.
Lost and abandoned dogs