Pupils boo the bullies

Anti-bullying event

A group of young people have worked with North Tyneside Council and a local charity organisation to speak to primary school children about bullying.

Young volunteers from The Princes’ Trust joined forces with YMCA North Tyneside and the local authority to hold a series of anti-bullying assemblies in local primary schools.

Sessions were held at Richardson Dees, St Joseph’s Catholic, Percy Main, and Waterville Primary Schools.

18-year-old Megan Stewart, who took part in the presentation, said: “Bullying in schools can have a massive effect on a young person’s education and it’s important that they know who to go to for help and how to deal with it appropriately.”

The pupils engaged in various discussions about the effects of bullying, and how to overcome it with help from family members and teachers.

Alongside the council mascot, Waldo the Wonderdog, they also carried out various role-playing scenarios for the pupils to react and give their thoughts on.

The YMCA in North Tyneside is a leading local charity committed to making a difference to the people it serves. For more than 130 years it has provided comprehensive programmes and services to meet the diverse needs of North Tyneside.