The Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 requires North Tyneside Council to make information that is accessible and produced as part of our public task available for re-use unless restricted or excluded.

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This section contains links to data required under the Transparency Code 2015.

Please note the Council has not contracted out waste collection and therefore there is no waste collection contract with a third party.

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Spend over £250 (2024-25)

This dataset comprises all North Tyneside Council's financial transactions over £250.

The information includes the payment date, payment amount and payment beneficiary.

In accordance with LGA guidelines, we provide the current financial year and the previous 2 financial years.

Files will be added as they are made available to publish, usually the middle of the following month.

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Procurement information

A requirement of the Transparency Code 2015 is that Local authorities must publish details of every invitation to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value that exceeds £5,000

Awarded contract information is now available via the NEPO Portal on the Authority's Contracts Register.

To view only the Authority's Contracts register select North Tyneside Council from the Organisations list on the left of the screen under "Narrow Your Results" and press the Green Update button at the bottom of the same section. The data can then be exported to Excel using the Green button underneath the Awarded Contracts section.

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HR data

HR data required under the Transparency Code is at Staffing and Equality section in specific documents or in the Annual Pay Policy Statements


Housing data required under the Transparency Code is at the Housing section.

Local Authority owned land & assets

Details of Local Authority owned land and assets is here


The Council's constitution is here


Community Funerals

Details of Community Funerals carried out in North Tyneside under the Public Health Act. 

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Waste Collection

As the Council provide waste collection services in house there are no contracts to be published.

The only contracted services currently in place are for the treatment and disposal of waste not collection