Report an abandoned vehicle

What we do

When we receive a report of an abandoned vehicle we:

  • carry out an investigation
  • carry out vehicle checks such as valid TAX, MOT
  • log an enquiry with AVAIL (Abandoned Vehicle Action Information Liaison) about registered keepers details

Sometimes we need to visit the site and check the vehicle details. It's important that you give us accurate information.

When we can and can't help

If the vehicle has a registered keeper there is no further action we can take.

If we find the the vehicle is not road legal and doesn't have a registered keeper or insurance, we'll start our removal procedure. We aim to have the vehicle removed within 24 hours.

If the vehicle has no TAX you should call the DVLA  on 0330 008 7520. They will uplift the vehicle once the TAX expiry exceeds 92 days. We can take no further action.

Make a report

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