Are you worried about a child?

Report concerns about a child

Fill in the form below or call us in confidence on 0345 2000 109 (office hours) or 0330 333 7475 (evenings and weekends).

If you think a child is in immediate danger, call 999.

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Front Door Service

The Front Door Service provides access to all services for children and families in North Tyneside.

If you have concerns about the safety or welfare of a child in North Tyneside the Front Door Service is the first point of contact for everyone.

To contact the Front Door Service call 0345 2000 109.

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Worried about someone working/volunteering with children?

The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) looks at allegations made against professionals in the children’s workforce (including paid employees and volunteers).

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Confidential information is information of some sensitivity which is not already lawfully in the public domain, or readily available from another public source, and which has been shared in a relationship where the person giving the information understood that it would not be shared with others.

For example, a teacher may know that one of his pupils has a parent who misuses drugs. That is information of some sensitivity, but it may not be confidential if it is widely known or has been shared with the teacher in circumstances where the person understood it would be shared with others. However, if it is shared with the teacher by the pupil in a counselling session, for example, it would be confidential.

Legally, where there is a confidential relationship, anyone receiving confidential information is under a duty not to pass it on.

However, this duty is not absolute and information can be shared without breaching the duty if:

  • The information is not confidential in nature.
  • The person to whom the duty is owed has given explicit consent.
  • There is an overriding public interest in disclosure.
  • Sharing is required by a court order or other legal obligation.