Footpath improvements


North Tyneside Council recognises that the condition of roads and pavements is a priority for residents.
This year (2020/21) around £4.6million is being invested in the borough’s highway network.
The main types of footpath works are:

  • Footpath replacement - A flagged footpath is replaced with a Tarmac surface. In the long-term this is a more cost-effective solution than a full reconstruction. It enables more of the borough’s footpaths to be improved and reduces maintenance costs. 
  • Footpath reconstruction - The flagged footpath is retained and flagstones are replaced where necessary.
  • Slurry seal - A thin layer of new material is applied over an existing Tarmac pathway to improve its appearance and extend its life.
  • Tree base works - Where tree roots are damaging flagstones, the area at the foot of the tree is extended and covered with Tarmac or new topsoil.
  • Footpath protection - A portion of the footpath is replaced with Tarmac to help reduce the risk of damage from vehicles mounting the pavement. Alternatively, to strengthen the footway, the flagstones are laid on concrete or replaced with concrete.
  • Verge protection – An area of grass that is repeatedly damaged by vehicles mounting the kerb is replaced with either Tarmac or concrete.

The annual footpath improvement programme is delivered for North Tyneside Council by its technical services partner, Capita.

For more information about how the council decides which footpaths to improve, please visit the Highway Asset Management section.

Footpath improvements in 2020/21

The following footpaths, or parts of them, are being improved in 2020/21. The programme will be added to as further schemes are developed following ongoing analysis of condition data and customer feedback.

Benton ward: Farne Road

Camperdown ward: Agincort, Blenheim, Bannockburn

Collingwood ward: Burwood Avenue, St Anselm Crescent

Cullercoats ward: Wallington Avenue

Killingworth ward: Bamburgh Road

Longbenton ward: Benton Lane

Monkseaton South ward: Middle Green, Sycamore Avenue, Elmfield Gardens/Canberra Avenue

St Mary’s ward: Dipton Road, Links Avenue, Thorneyburn Avenue

Wallsend ward: Dene Crescent, Mills Gardens

Weetslade ward: Ashkirk

Whitley Bay ward: Amble Avenue