Why foster with us?

The fostering service is part of an outstanding children's services team. We offer competitive rewards and training. We provide 24-hour support, a buddy scheme and a support group so we're with you every step of the way.

Ten reasons why people choose to foster with us

  1. You will receive competitive weekly fees, paid for 52 weeks a year, whether or not you have a child placed with you
  2. North Tyneside Council has children and young people in need of placement 52 weeks of the year
  3. You will be part of North Tyneside Council's commitment to keeping children and young people connected to their schools and communities
  4. Former agency carers will be fast tracked through the approval process
  5. You will receive a high level of support from your social worker.  North Tyneside Counci's fostering service provides 24-hour support, so help is always at hand if you need it
  6. North Tyneside Council is an ambitious corporate parent focusing on the best interests of children and young people
  7. North Tyneside Council is responsible for finding the best match for all children and young people in care
  8. In addition to weekly fees paid 52 weeks per year, you will receive an allowance to cover your foster child’s living expenses
  9. You will receive full and ongoing training throughout your career as a foster carer and training tailored to the needs of the child you foster
  10. You will receive two weeks’ paid holiday a year

Could you foster?

Could you foster?

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Testimonial 3

We love fostering

“I have been a foster carer for 15 years now and love it. What I enjoy the most is seeing the positive outcomes for the kids and knowing that you have been a part of that and can make a real difference in their lives.”

- Sandra