Questions to the Elected Mayor

Questions to the Elected Mayor and her Cabinet

Members of the public are invited to submit questions to be answered by North Tyneside’s Elected Mayor Norma Redfearn or her Cabinet at the next Council meeting.

North Tyneside Council has previously agreed that at three meetings in the municipal year, half an hour would be allocated before the meeting to allow the public (i.e. residents of North Tyneside and persons employed in the Borough) to pose their own questions.

The next opportunity for this municipal year will take place at the Council meeting on Thursday, 21 January 2021.

The deadline for questions for this meeting is 5pm on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

To be considered, questions must contain your full name, address and be relevant to a matter that concerns North Tyneside Council or the Borough of North Tyneside.

If you would like to submit a question, it must be sent in advance via a written letter or email to the following addresses:

In writing to: Democratic Services, Quadrant - 3L, The Silverlink North, Cobalt Business Park, North Tyneside, NE27 0BY,
Email :

Questions can be rejected if they do not stay within the guidelines for asking questions, each question must not be defamatory, frivolous, offensive, unlawful or otherwise improper. There is a restriction to one question only per person or organisation.

Individuals have the option to personally ask their question at the virtual Council meeting, two minutes is allowed to ask their question, along with a further minute for any supplementary question. If your question is accepted and you wish to ask your question in person (virtually), you are required to provide an email address. This is necessary so you can be invited to the Virtual Council meeting.

Supplementary questions must arise from the initial question or reply. These can also be rejected by the chair if they are deemed inappropriate, unlawful or offensive.

If you do not wish to take part in the Virtual Council meeting, the Chair may ask the question on your behalf or may decide that a written reply will be given.

Further information can be found at  Ask question at Council.