Parents of unruly teens receive eviction warning

Parents of antisocial teenagers have been warned they face being evicted after they were involved in serious antisocial and criminal behaviour on the Metro system.

Officers from North Tyneside Council and Northumbria Police’s Metro Unit called at three address in Longbenton and New York village on Monday morning as part of a joint operation.

The council and Police have repeatedly tried to engage with the tenants and encourage them to rein in their children’s behaviour but with no success.

The council has now served a Notice of Seeking Possession, the first step in the eviction process, to each of the tenants which may be pursued through the courts.

Councillor Carole Burdis, North Tyneside’s Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Public Protection said: “Most young people in North Tyneside conduct themselves with decency and respect and are a credit to their community.

“A small minority are getting involved in persistent antisocial behaviour and their parents are giving us no support in working to bring their children under control.

“This joint action with Northumbria Police and Nexus sends a clear message that antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated in North Tyneside and that parents need to start taking responsibility for where their children are and what they’re getting up to. 

“We will take whatever action is necessary to keep the peace and ensure the safety of our residents.”

PC Nathan Duddridge of Northumbria Police’s Metro Unit added: “I echo Councillor Burdis in saying that the vast majority of young people in the region truly are credits to their area.

“But action will be taken against those who seek to wreak havoc in their communities and on the Metro system. In this case, the youths have been given various chances to clean up their acts but have shown a constant disregard for their community and they, and their families, have now been given a final warning that eviction is the next step if they don’t look to amend their ways immediately.

“I sincerely hope that those involved see sense and make steps to get themselves on a better path. I also hope this notice offers reassurance to the community who I would like to thank for their amazing patience and cooperation.

“We will continue to work with our partners and use every avenue at our disposal to ensure this area remains a safe place to live and work.”