New investment to raise environmental standards and improve gateways into North Tyneside

North Tyneside Council is putting civic pride at the heart of a new investment plan that will raise environmental standards and improve a dozen gateways into the borough.  

The council will recruit four new maintenance teams to clear litter and fly tipping, increase grass cutting, and tackle weeds across the borough.  

The teams will operate between May and September and provide a boost to the staff already working to keep the borough clean and tidy. Since November 2021, the council has carried out 30 clean up days and removed 90 tonnes of rubbish from housing estates.

An additional team will also be recruited to help maintain the cleanliness of the award-winning coastline. They will work full-time and provide cover seven days a week to ensure that bins are emptied, and litter picking is stepped up during busier periods.

Another exciting project will see improvements to the main gateways into North Tyneside to welcome residents and visitors into the borough.  

Twelve gateways will benefit from a range of improvements including new signage, hard and soft landscaping, and energy efficient lighting where appropriate, as part of the council’s plans for investment in the area.  

The aim is to build a sense of place, identity, and civic pride for residents and create the best first impression for visitors.

The project will be delivered in three phases (see below) and will be completed in March 2023.

Councillor Sandra Graham, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “In the coming year the council will continue to raise environmental standards across our housing estates, as well as in our parks and beaches.

“Adding more staff will boost our clean-up operations, which is good news for residents as we commit more resources to keeping our neighbourhoods looking their best, and it will help create a sense of pride and ownership within the borough.

“One of the best examples of civic pride in action is the work done by our local volunteers to keep our open spaces clean and tidy, and I would also like to thank them for everything they do.  

“The renewal of the signage that marks the gateways into North Tyneside is another investment designed to strengthen civic pride and community identity. It will help to create a positive and inviting first impression of our area, one that is visually pleasing, and creates a sense of arrival for anyone visiting or coming home."

Gateway improvement schedule:

Phase 1 – April to July 2022

  • A19 Cramlington Approach (NW)
  • A19 Tyne Tunnel (SE)
  • A192 Earsdon (NE)
  • Four Lane Ends Interchange (SW)

Phase 2 – August to November 2022

  • A190 Annitsford Roundabout (NW)
  • Stalks Road, Embankment (NW)
  • B1318 Front Street, Seaton Burn (NW)
  • A1058 Wallsend (SW)

Phase 3 – December 2022 to March 2023

  • Blyth Road, Whitley Bay (NE)
  • Coach Lane, Hazelrigg (NW)
  • Gosforth Park (Sandy Lane) (NW)
  • A187 Wallsend (Philiphaugh) (SW)