Council unveils 48 new recycling locations for small electricals and vapes

Find your nearest drop-off point here. 

North Tyneside Council has introduced 33 small electricals recycling banks and 15 vape recycling tubes as part of the Recycle Your Electricals campaign sweeping across the UK.

The initiative, funded through grants from Material Focus, a leading not-for-profit organisation championing the campaign, aims to ensure the materials inside small electricals and vapes are recycled correctly. 

The new recycling points have been positioned in council buildings, schools, and community centres, aiming to increase small electricals recycling in the Borough from 15 tonnes to 75 tonnes per year.

Councillor Hannah Johnson, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We are committed to driving change and sustainability in North Tyneside, and our new collection points will play a big part in achieving our aims.”

Key locations featuring small electricals and vapes recycling points include Quadrant, Killingworth, and various Community Hubs and Libraries. However, certain items such as computer monitors, microwaves, and light bulbs are not accepted and residents are urged to remove batteries and recycle them in the designated nearby tube.

The council encourages the responsible recycling of undamaged vapes, with a reminder that all North Tyneside Council buildings are non-smoking sites.