Will Young
Two more concerts have been announced for this year’s Mouth of the Tyne Festival, in North Tyneside. Bryan Ferry and Will Young will...
Cllr John Stirling, cabinet member for Sustainable Development, and Fiona Taylor, of Low Carbon Solutions with the Combined Heat and Power unit
It’s a North Tyneside Council leisure centre where people burn energy every day – but now a new piece of kit will help ensure it is...
Rising Sun
A North Tyneside country park has launched an appeal for volunteers to come forward and be a ‘friend’ of the park. Staff from the Rising...
North Tyneside Council wants to encourage anyone not yet registered to vote, to take advantage of National Voter Registration Drive this...
Press release: An abstract view of the Council crest
Facing massive government cuts in funding and additional cost pressures, North Tyneside Council has set out a clear plan and budget to...

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